Yatrade is certified operator for the JonDonym Anonymisation Service.

JonDonym bietet Anonymität im Internet

Why using JonDonym?

  • Anonymous surfing

    While surfing the web all users leave their traces. By combining these traces the user gets a face. Many commercial organizations, security services and hackers take advantage of such a profiling. JonDonym can hide your IP address. JonDonym makes invisible

  • Secure Surfing

    At public data networks and wireless local area networks (Wi-Fi hotspots, cyber cafés, hotels, airports etc.) hackers can easily spy out and manipulate personal data and keywords. JonDonym protects

  • Informational self-determination

    As a result of government requirements more and more personal data is legally saved. JonDonym gives back privacy

  • Free access to information

    In many countries, e.g. China, access to information is limited by censorship. JonDonym overcomes limits

  • Freedom of expression

    Due to fear of repression people mind publishing their opinion, for example in blogs. JonDonym gives them back their voice

Benefits using JonDonym

It is possible to harm you in manifold ways using the data you left behind while using the Internet. The Benefits describe specific risks, which the IP-anonymization provided by JonDonym is protecting you against.

If you have made own experiences how JonDonym has helped yourself, please help us, too, and write us. For every submission which is published here you will get a JonDonym-couponcode worth of 500 MB for free.


All that your IP-address is revealing!

Every web site can find out the following about you using your Internet-connection:

  • Your current whereabouts

The country and the city/region where you are. With the help of data bases free of charge or with costs even districts and office buildings can be identified. This is called geolocation.

  • Your Internet-provider

Personal data can be retrieved using your provider.

  • Your access technology

With the help of data bases one can find out whether you are using, for instance, DSL, a modem or a mobile in order to surf the Web.

  • Your company / your authority

In case you are surfing from within the network of a company or an authority its name can be find out.

  • How long your computer is running

This is possible due to the analysis of so-called TCP-timestamps which makes even your computer identifiable.

Using a little test on our web site you may have a look at some of these information about yourself.

Data thieves see your plaintext

If you are using a wireless network in an Internet-cafe, on an airport or a railway station other users and the provider of this wireless network can observe you: they see which web sites you are visiting and which data you are putting into them. They are even able to manipulate and redirect your access to web sites.

  • Password- and identity-theft

If your are using unsecured Internet-shops your password, account information and address can be read out. Now, a third party would be able to order things in the Internet-shop using your data, as well. Besides, your e-mail-passwords could be intercepted and then your conversation by e-mail could be read along, until you are changing your passwords again.

  • Loss of confidential information

Your private messages can be intercepted and, later on, be used against you or your company. Are you writing a message to your wife and afterwards to your mistress? Are you sending business documents to a colleague which outsiders are not allowed to get?

  • Anonymous proxies do not protect you but steal your data

In the Internet there are a myriad of proxy-services both for free and with costs which promise anonymity. But: In most cases these services do not even encrypt your data against other parties' access. Additionally, it is assumed that many of them are running on cracked computers and are controlled by criminals in order to spy on the users' data purposefully.


Competitors identify the actions of your company

Most of the companies and organizations are identifiable unambiguously by means of their IP-address. Competitors can make use of that.

  • Investigations using the Internet do not remain confidentially

Your investigations on web sites which are directly or indirectly controlled by your competitors (e.g. due to a service contract) do not remain confidentially. Thus, searching the Internet it can happen that you give away business secrets unnoticed, for instance while you are looking for patents or making a market analysis.

  • Web sites of your competitors "are playing around" with you

Employees of competitors are able to observe your IP-address while you are visiting the web sites of them. Because of that they may present wrong or no information at all to you. They are even able to show a special career-page in order to headhunt your employees. You might also get an advertisement call or advertisement e-mails.

  • Spies in the industry may redirect the data traffic of your company to their own servers

Technically experienced spies are perhaps able to redirect your whole network traffic from your provider to their own servers. As a result your whole Internet communication would be uncovered. That is how all unencrypted messages and all Internet services, which were contacted by your company, would be known by your competitors.


Prohibiting free information

Besides direct Internet censorship, which is aimed at prohibiting access to specific web sites technically, there is a indirect censorship as well: the fear of suffering disadvantages just because one is consuming unpleasant contents.

  • Journalists are not able to inform themselves freely

Internet-censorship is impeding free journalism. In the scope of investigations journalists must be able to access censored contents as well, because they have to judge whether these contents are relevant to the public or not.

  • Citizens are not able to form their own opinions

In the real world there is usually not only one single truth - but many. Due to direct censorship or fear of reprisals citizens full of age are not able to get all the necessary information in order to judge the facts properly.

  • Just retrieving unpleasant contents is punished

The "Operation Himmel" (operation heaven) was praised in Germany as a big success of the investigators: But just a few of the suspects were actually guilty and the short clicking on web sites destroyed the social existence of innocents.

  • Anti-censorship-services are selling your data

Beware of anti-censorship-services: There are some which are collecting and selling your data: probably even to censors!


Work of secret service is endangered

Although the range of IP-addresses belonging to the secret service are kept secret, it sometimes happens that all or just a part of it comes to the public.

  • Mistakes made by employees unmask secret net-structures

Employees of the German Intelligence Service (BND) have already unmasked themselves on our web sites due to the fact that their browser contained a referrer to internal BND-sites. Now, we just could have saved the corresponding IP-addresses (something we have not done as a matter of principle), and the range of BND-IP-addresses (or that of the Federal Crime Police Office (BKA) because its proxy was used in some cases) could have been analyzed step by step.

  • Staying in contact in a hostile environment is dangerous

If employees of a secret service want to contact computers in their head quarters, this communication can be intercepted. And if, furthermore, the contacted IP-address is known as one belonging to the secret service, the employee is unmasked.

  • Proxy-services can be operated by your enemy

Proxy- or VPN-services which are controlled centrally can be operated by an enemy of a secret service. It is quite conceivable that secret services are deploying such computers under false names in order to eavesdrop on the data traffic of employees belonging to other secret services and that feel themselves save using these proxies. This is quite a inexpensive opportunity of espionage. Probably, one can even earn some money setting up a commercial service which is faked using this proxy/VPN-service.


No freedom of speech for blogger and activists

Blogging is a kind of "diary-journalism": Blogger are posting their experiences and views on the Internet in order to inform as much different people as possible of them. Many blogger are writing anonymously in order to avoid punishment, disadvantages at work or ostracism because of their freely expressed opinion.

  • Business partners are deterred

Someone is observing your connection to your anonymous blog. He recognizes, that you are defending certain political and religious views there. Provided this information comes to the public, your business partners may be deterred to cooperate with you.

  • Excessive liability concerning the own opinion

In case it comes to negative portrayals of companies and VIPs liability suits are often quick at hand. In authoritarian states blogger are furthermore prosecuted because of unpleasant political and religious opinions. Since your blog-provider must reveal your IP-address in case of an official order, you are only able to express your opinion in a limited way.

  • Punishment of political and human rights activists

Activists contacting web sites of political organizations can be observed and punished. However, in a free society it should be possible to inform oneself about political opinions without any punishment at all.


Online-investigators are unmasked

The IP-address contains direct or indirect information regarding the own organization. But often online-investigators of the police have to mask themselves in order to get important information.

  • On suspicious web sites investigators are recognizable as such

Some forums- and chat-systems show directly the IP-address of every user. The owner of a particular web site notices the IP-address of the user as well. An IP-address belonging to the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) is not really trust-enhancing then.

  • Operations cannot be kept secret

Investigators may use proxy- or VPN-services to anonymize themselves. As far as these are controlled by a single organization, the investigators must nevertheless reckon on the organized crime observing their steps. Criminals may operate the services themselves or bribe employees in order to be able to follow the actions of the investigators.

  • Investigators are suspicious if they are surfing noticeable insecure

If investigators surf on sites where users normally anonymize themselves they attract special attention being unmasked.

  • Whistle-blower reveal themselves or are betrayed

If not-anonymized messages to and from whistle-blowers are sent over the Internet and are intercepted, or if a mole in an agency is forwarding the IP-address of a particular whistle-blower, then he is unmasked.



Funktionen JonDonym Tor VPN Dineste Proxy
Confidentiality independent
Speed high
slow high rather low
spread of servers
JonDoFox TorButton no no
allmost all*
allmost all* all usually only
Protection against
website profiling
every access
possibility of
possibility of
Unique technology
for anonymization
open source
open source
once usually not
* except VoIP and P2P filesharing, SMTP port 25 is usually closed
** There is no comparison with web(site) proxies (Anonymouse, Proxify, Megaproxy,…) here.
As you can see in our IP-Check, they have one clear disadvantage: they don’t work.

Technological comparison with other services

Trust gained through indepence, responsibility and knowlegde

JonDonym servers are operated by independent entities commited to protecting your data. Because these operators are independent from each other, no single organization has complete information about you. Your anonymity is fully protected, unlike alternatives like (Web-)Proxies and VPNs, which are often controlled by a single party and can be easily exploited thereby. In many cases, these parties, their background and their intent are unknown.

Global distribution across countries and oceans

When you surf the web your requests travel across different relay points before serving the web page. Like an Internet provider, each of these relay points can monitor your entire data traffic on its way towards its destination, e.g. a website or an e-mail service. By analyzing this data, the relay points may completely deanonymize VPN services and (web-) proxies which only have only one single server location. But with JonDonym, you are protected! Each of JonDonym’s premium services consists of several servers in several different countries as well as their operators. It would require international cooperation between countries or operator organizations for your information to be revealed.

High speed surfing

JonDonym’s premium services are as fast as VPN services and as the fastest (Web-) proxies, and up to 100x faster than comparable services like Tor. JonDonym – Surf, no lag, guaranteed!

Secure browsing

Your browser can become a gateway for malicious software, spyware, and viruses designed to harm your PC and your privacy. (Web-) proxies and VPN- services offer no protection against bad software and can be easily exploited. The JonDoFox browser profile is JonDonym’s solution to protect your anonymity and your PC.

Browse, Chat, E-Mail… Anonymously

Other anonymization services like web proxies often restrict your Internet access to web surfing. JonDonym introduces new possibilities making you invisible on the internet like anonymous chats or e-mail.

Protect against web profiling

JonDonym strengthens your anonymity by applying a special technique. Every request is anonymized separately so tracking your web habits is impossible. JonDonym does not create a constant link between you and the JonDonym network exit point. This technique proves JonDonym is in a league of its own.

Anonymity, the vision..

Most other anonymity services deploy standard technologies. These technologies were not designed to defend your anonymity and fail to fully protect you. For this reason, an experienced research team stands behind JonDonym technologies which cooperates with universities and searches tirelessly for new solutions to provide you the best in anonymity.

Learn more about the JonDonym technology…